As of May 17, 2017, eGive, the service we have been using for online giving, made changes to update their platform and website. This has caused some unexpected changes on our end. In order to fix the situation, we need everyone to check their eGive account by doing the following.

  • Deactivate your account on the “old” website.

Go to:

Log in.

*Click on the “Pending Gifts” tab and make sure there are no active gifts listed. Then, proceed with deactivating your account.*
Click on “My Profile.”
Click on your name.
Click the “Remove” button at the bottom.

  • Log in to the “new” website.

Go to:
(The button toward the bottom of our homepage will take you to the same place.)

Try your log in.

If it does not work, be prepared to create a new account and set up a new scheduled giving method.


Thank you for your cooperation. We apologize for any inconvenience as these changes were outside of our control. If you have any further questions, please contact us.