What to know where you can plug in to grow in your faith, learn new things, use and develop your God-given gifts, try new things, and do the things you are passionate about here at Edgeboro? See the list below and also check out our Events page and our Community Outreach page for more opportunities. Don’t know what something is? Feel free to Contact Us.

Could you use your gifts…

In Worship?

  • Read a prayer or scripture
  • Use and develop musical talents, vocal and/or instrumental
  • Be an Usher or a Greeter to welcome others to worship
  • Be a Sacristan to prepare the sanctuary for worship
  • Offer child care down in the Nursery
  • Lead a short “children’s message” during worship on the topic of the day
  • Donate flowers for the sanctuary

In a Class?

  • Attend or offer leadership to the Sunday School classes (K-12)
  • Attend or offer leadership to the Vacation Bible School program
  • Attend or offer leadership to the Confirmation class (typically Jr. High)
  • Be an adult mentor for a Confirmation student
  • Attend or offer leadership to the “Coffee Class,” Adult Sunday School Class or the Prayer Group
  • Attend a New Member’s Class
  • Offer leadership to many of these classes at once on the Christian Education Committee

At a Summer Camp?

  • Attend or offer leadership to a number of youth camps
  • Volunteer as a nurse, in the kitchen, or on grounds and maintenance

In Administration?

  • Assist with the newsletter (writing, designing, mailing), website, social media, or other mailings
  • Be on a committee that oversees certain aspects of the church (spiritual, financial, visioning, stewardship, nominating, etc.)

In Service?

  • Food preparation and service
  • Set-up/take-down for various events
  • Candle Making
  • Mint Making
  • Sugar Cake Baking
  • Grounds and maintenance
  • Preparing the Putz
  • Go on mission trips
  • Serve meals at The Salvation Army and Esperanza
  • Make sandwiches for Trinity Soup Kitchen and The Salvation Army
  • Help with other local ministries

In Special Groups and Activities?

  • Go on visits to see other members
  • Attend or offer leadership to various youth events
  • Join our Prayer Shawl group
  • Play on the Dartball team
  • Be a representative of the congregation on other local groups and committees