We all have questions when we visit a new place for the first time. Below are answers to some of the questions you might have. If you have any others, contact us.

What is a Moravian?

A Moravian is a Christian belonging to the Moravian Church. Learn more about the history and the beliefs of Moravians.

Do I have to belong to the church to attend?

Nope. Guests are absolutely welcome.

How do I become a member of the church?

That’s a conversation that you and the pastor need to have. New Members Classes are offered, which inform new members about the church’s history, beliefs, composition, and expectations of members. After the classes, those that still wish to become members are formally accepted into the church by the Board of Elders and welcomed by the congregation during a worship service.

How should I dress?

We have people coming in wearing ties and dresses, and jeans, polos, and t-shirts – and everything in between. Come as you are!

How long is a worship service?

Our worship services last about an hour.

Where is the main entrance?

Most people enter into the sanctuary for worship through the black doors (right side of the picture below). There are stairs to get up to the sanctuary from this entrance. If you are in need of an elevator, there’s an entrance just around the corner from the main entrance (not visible in picture below).

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 5.01.09 PM

Where do I park?

We do have a small parking lot (shown in above picture). There is also plenty of street parking next to the church.

Do you have child care?

Children are always welcome and encouraged to attend worship. Having said that, we do offer child care during all worship services.  Our child care (nursery) room is downstairs from the sanctuary. The restrooms are there too. (See pictures below)

What opportunities are there for my children at the church?

We offer a variety of children’s programs including Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, summer camp programs, fellowship events, children’s choirs, and other exciting events.

Where are the restrooms?

If you’re in the sanctuary, head downstairs through the side door or the rear door (see picture below). If you need an elevator, use the rear door.


Once you’re downstairs, you’re almost there.


What are the worship services like?

Most services have multiple hymns and songs, responsive prayers and liturgies, a children’s message, an opportunity for everyone to share prayer concerns if they choose, the collection of  an offering (sometimes a second collection is collected by the children and goes toward supporting special ministry causes), and a message from the pastor.

Different seasons call for other things to occur during worship such as lovefeasts, sacraments, guest speakers, presentations, and youth events. During the non-summer months, we have two worship services which differ in music and style. Our first service uses the organ, piano, and a choir. Our second service, called The Edge, is led by our guitar group The Edge Band. In the summer, we blend the two worship services into a single service. Learn more about our worship.

Who goes to your church? (also, how many?)

We have about 320 total members with an additional 80 attendees that come to us from around the Lehigh Valley, mostly the extended Bethlehem community and Edgeboro neighborhood. We have members in all stages of life – children to elders. Some of our members are new to the church while others have been attending for nearly their entire life.

Can a visitor take Communion?

Yes. As a rule of thumb, if you take Communion at any other church, you can take Communion here.

How is Edgeboro involved in the community?

We are one of six Bethlehem area Moravian Churches (Advent, Central, College Hill, East Hills, West Side). Together, we are involved in many ministries together, most notably Esperanza for Bethlehemelder care, and care for the homeless (Bethlehem Emergency Shelter). We work side by side with other community agencies including Northeast Ministry, New Bethany Ministriesand the Salvation Army. We also host a putz every year in Advent to share the Advent story with the community. Other local ministry opportunities are available through other youth and educational programs we offer.

We’re very mindful of the fact that the Moravian Church is a worldwide church and so we work closely with the Moravian Board of World Mission to support our international brothers and sisters and to continue strengthening our relationships with them. There are opportunities for congregational fundraisers and collections to be send abroad and opportunities to travel internationally to visit some of these sites in person.

Learn more about what’s going on here by visiting our Opportunities and our Community Outreach pages.

Want to know more? Contact the pastor.