Dear Edgeboro Friends and Family,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! At this time, millions of people aim to start over with a fresh slate. The idea of being renewed and having another chance is something that we all desire when it comes to certain aspects of our lives. With the beginning of a new year might come another chance for us to get in better shape, to reconnect with someone, to stop our bad habits, or to become more knowledgeable about something. It could also be another chance for us to serve our neighbors through ministry.

The Daily Text for 2017 sets this tone immediately as the first words of the watchword for January 1 are, “Serve God” (1 Chronicles 28:9).

So how are you feeling called to serve God? Are you being called to serve again in a ministry you had once engaged in previously? Are you being called to serve in a new way? Are you being called to a new ministry? What are you being called to this year?

Allow me to highlight two opportunities and then briefly list a whole bunch more.

First, the Bethlehem Emergency Sheltering program is in full swing. This program was put in place to help churches shelter and feed the homeless during the winter months. While our building might not accommodate the needs of being a host church, we have been invited to help out other churches by providing food for dinners, a helping hand and hospitality during active hours, or a presence for the overnights. Could this be something you’re called to this year?

Second, East Hills Moravian Church is expanding their Freezer Food Ministry to other Bethlehem area Moravian churches. About four times a year, volunteers gather to pack hundreds of meals in quart-sized (or smaller) plastic containers to be frozen. The purpose is to give the churches food that can be prepared with just a microwave and given to anyone who is in need of a warm meal. This could be a member who just had a child or just got home from the hospital. It could also be a nonmember in between jobs that needs food for their family. (This is available now at Edgeboro.) Could this be something you’re called to do this year?

There are too many other ministry opportunities to list here – worship leadership, music, youth/VBS/Sunday School, cooking, crafting, praying, hospitality, and more! Could you be called to engage in a new ministry this year? Are you being renewed to continue on with one?

The great thing about God’s mercy is that it doesn’t have to be January 1st for us to be renewed to serve others. There will be a new year, a new season, a new day, and a new hour. There will be new opportunities for us to serve others in the name of Christ. May we search for them in 2017 and beyond.

Serving with you,
Pastor Dan