To Edgeboro and Friends,

Well, here we are. As I write this, we are in the dog days of summer. The temperature is hot, and air conditioning has never felt so good (at least since last summer).

Here in this country, some of us might be feeling those dog days in a different way. In terms of national holidays, August doesn’t offer us much. July 4th is small in our rearview mirror and if you’ve already taken your vacation, there aren’t any extended weekends coming up until Labor Day. Most months have a day that they’re known for – Christmas in December, Valentine’s Day in February. Unless you have a day of personal significance in August or you’re a big fan of National Watermelon Day (Aug. 3), Bad Poetry Day (Aug. 18), or National Dog Day (Aug. 26), August doesn’t have a day that it’s known for.

However, if you’re a Moravian, especially here in the Northern Province, there are quite a few days that might make August a more significant month for you if it’s not already.

  • August 7th is the Prayer Day for World Peace and Nuclear Disarmament in the Northern Province. This is a day to focus our prayers on our national and international brothers and sisters. After a year like we’ve had so far, we know we need this.
  • August 13th is a special day in the worldwide Moravian Church because on that day in 1727, the Moravian Church was renewed in Herrnhut, Germany after the Holy Spirit moved Count Zinzendorf and many others to unite despite their differences to create a community that would change the world. On Sunday, August 14th in worship we will have Communion to celebrate this moment.
  • August 21st is another special day in the worldwide Moravian Church because on that day, Moravian Mission was founded. In 1732, the first missionaries set out from Herrnhut and traveled to St. Thomas in the Caribbean.
  • August 21st and 22nd are important days in the life of this congregation. On August 21st, we will hold our second outdoor service of the summer. The following day will be our annual Ice Cream Social which will be held at 5pm.
  • August 28th is the Prayer Day for Public Education in the Northern Province. While many schools are coming back into session after the summer for another year, we have the opportunity to lift up in prayer all people involved in education.

So Moravians and friends, mark your calendars. We have a lot to do and a lot to pray for this August.

Serving Christ with you,
Pastor Dan